Welcome to the InfiPlex Demo Site

Admin Area

You can take a look at the admin area to see how the different applications function for an administrator. Please note that this demo site will let you see all of the systems and access existing content, but it will not actually add any new content or save any edits you make. This site is in Demo Mode and will not actually save or update anything.

Open Admin Area  

Admin user's on a regular site will need to log into the site with a valid email and password. For this demo the Demo User is already logged into the site and has Administrative security access.


System Demos

OMS   The InfiPlex OMS manages all your orders from your webstore and other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. It sends inventory updates back to each marketplace connection. It can also get you connected with your drop-shippers and automate your ordering process, allowing you to grow faster.

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